Puerto Madryn is a small city in Patagonia, about 2 hours by plane from Buenos Aires. It was founded in 1865 when the first white inhabitants, the Welsh, arrived to the area. Actually it has about 100,000 inhabitants and is the gateway for Peninsula Valdes (a World Heritage declared as such by UNESCO in 1999)  and some incredible wildlife. Puerto Madryn received between May and December to the southern right whale back to the area each year for mating and procreation. During the whale watching season whales can be often seen from the coast and their characteristic sounds heard at night. Besides this, otrher animals such as cormorants, gulls, cook, sea lions and Magellanic penguins Spheniscus magellanicus migrate because they tolerate the cold Antarctic winter. From the central pier Commander Piedrabuena Luis can be seen at a glance the type Tonina Obera dolphins, sea lions and even whales Franca. In winter, tours are conducted to observe the whales, dolphins, dolphins over, penguins, sea elephants and birds among others. During the summer, the beaches are busy, where in addition to sunbathing and water sports are practiced as kayaking, canoeing, windsurfing, katesurf and motosky among others. Along them, there are spas with tearooms and restaurant services that are open throughout the year. The San Jose and Nuevo Gulfs are visited mainly for “baptisms submarines.” Because of this, Puerto Madryn is called “The Diving Capital”. Its waters are crystal clear and calm, allowing penetration of light to 70 m deep.

We pick up the passengers at 08:00 hs and the trip takes 400 kms ride. Heading towards the north, takes provincial road 1 and 17 kms ahead takes road 2. After traveling for 77 kms we will arrive at Istmo Carlos Ameghino, the gate to the Península Valdés Provincial Reserve. The Interpretative Centre, is located here, an ideal place to receive information about flora, fauna, geography and history of the area. Puerto Pirámide, a tourist village lies 25 kms ahead. From there we will be able to board a ship and start the whale watching adventure. The whale watching adventure last for 01:30 hs. and the navigation agency provides life jacket and general information. IMPORTANT: Whale watching navigation depends on whales season, from June to December. From Puerto Pirámide we will continue to reach the Caleta Valdés, a continental elephant seals sanctuary. Where we watch them from different balconies and paths. From here too, we have the possibility to get down the stairway to the beach and watch the elephant seals closer. Then heading the north we will visit Punta Norte Sea Lions sanctuary for one hour. After that we start the return way to Puerto Madryn, to get there about 18/19 hs in the evening. This excursion is whole year available, depending weather situations. Whales watching season: from June to November.

San Lorenzo sheep farm is located in the Natural Protected Area Peninsula Valdés, 160 km/ 100 miles from the town of Puerto Madryn, in the Province of Chubut, Argentine Patagonia. Along its coast we find an astonishing Magellanic penguin rookery with over 600.000 penguins, open to visitors every year between September 7th and March 31st.
The circuit stretches through a penguin transit and burrowing area. Halfway along the walkway there is an astonishing lookout over San Matias Gulf and the wide beach used by penguins to get in and out of the water, and to rest. At the end of the trail we find the ruins of the old Sealion-oil Factory.

Magellanic penguins are most active around sunrise and sunset. San Lorenzo Farm offers the chance to visit our walk trails “Penguins and more…” and “Penguin Experience” during sunset accompanied by our Park Rangers. This is a superb time of day for photography offering the best light and the biggest concentration of penguins.

Heading towards the south, after 180 kms, the Punta Tombo Penguin Reserve surprise its visitors for its wonderful landscape full of this animals, which come and go looking for their nests or squabs. To get there we have to go along National Road 3 to the south, and after Trelew City, will get a crossroad with provincial route 1. This gravel’s route finish at the biggest continental reserve of Magallanic Penguins. Within the reserve, we will walk on the special paths, between thousands of penguins. You should not forget to take photographs of the squabs swimming with their mothers in the ponds that remain when the tide is low.

Later we start the return way to Puerto Madryn, to get there about 18/19 hs in the evening.

Penguins season: from September to April

Thousands of tourists reach this point of the country from all round the world, eager to approach the giant cetaceans and obtaining “the photograph” of their jump or of their huge raised flukes. The contagious enthusiasm is transmitted to all the attendants The right whales may be spotted from June to December, when they reach the Nuevo Gulf in order to mate or bear their calves. The southern right whale has a curved body and no dorsal fin. Adult females measure between 13 and 16 meters of length, whereas the males only reach 12. The adults may weight between 30 and 40 tons. We continue sailing. Suddenly, another whale showed its giant flukes, measuring about five meters, over the surface of the water and stayed there with its head down for a long while, abandoned to the whims

Our service stands out for allowing you to watch whales submersed in their habitat. Underwater the perspective looks completely different, which is comparable only to the experience of diving among them.

While whales remain close to the vessel, we can watch them all the time through the 40 viewing windows on the submersed lower deck.

On board, passengers can walk around at their pleasure on the submersed lower deck or on the outdoor deck to watch the whales from the surface of the water.

The combination of the submarine watching with the panoramic sights from the outdoor upper deck will undoubtedly lead to an unforgettable experience!

Starting and finishing point: Office of Southern Spirit in Puerto Pirámides.
Route: Navigation on the Golfo Nuevo in a range of 10 miles from the starting point, depending on the position of the animals.
Species to be watched: Southern right whales, sea lions and typical birds of the Patagonian coastline (according to the season of the year).
Duration of the trip: 1.5 hours.

After sailing for a few minutes, the vessel arrives at the whales’ area and the cruise begins.

According to their preferences, passengers will be able, at all times, to be on the submersed lower deck or on the upper deck. They will enjoy the information given by the whale watching guide, comfortably seated while watching the animals.

During the cruise, the whale watching guide will comment on the behaviour and customs of the animals interpreting the activity that the animals may be performing at that time, and will answer the queries of the passengers.

For safety reasons, in case weather conditions are not appropriate, the company could modify, postpone or cancel the trips.

Snorkeling is one of the adventure activities which are increasing in popularity during the last few years. With just basic diving equipment (neoprene jacket, mask and fins) and even with not knowing how to swim, is possible to discover the extremely varied underwater world. Popular areas are off the beaches Punta Este, Kaiser and Cerro Avanzado.

Driving through gravel road (Route Nº 5) from Puerto Madryn to Pedral (73 km), the typical Patagonian steppe landscape will be appreciated along the way; low ochre-colour vegetation, showing constant movement due to the main characteristic of this area, the wind. Once inside the Estancia you will arrive at the sheep stockyard, the place in which most rural activities take place. Together with the guide, you will walk through the facilities while he explains about other work done at the Estancia at different times of the year. The trip continues driving towards the Atlantic Ocean. The coastline in Pedral is dominated by high cliffs that drop straight down to the beach, presenting a natural viewpoint of the Ocean and the entrance to the New Gulf. This also allows excellent sights of fauna, such as elephant seals, whales, penguins and orcas. In Pedral we can see the marine fauna both from the cliffs and from its long beaches. The first stop is at one of these natural viewpoints, from where you will be able to appreciate a year round elephant seal rockery. This colony reaches its highest peak of population between September and March. Here, with a bit of luck on our side, it is also possible to see orcas. Even though this animal is unpredictable, it is most likely to be seen along November, as this is the time in which it feeds on elephant seal pups. Then in March and April, it feeds on sea lion pups. During whales’ season, especially between August and November, it is also possible to see Southern Right Whales here. All along the way, you will have the chance of observing typical fauna of the Patagonian steppe, such as guanacos, Patagonian hares, foxes, Patagonian rheas, among others. Then you will take a walk to the beach, down the Fossils´ Canyon, in which you will be able to appreciate the diversity and large number of fossils from the cenozoic age, in which we highlight the sea urchin fossils, or “dollars”, and fossil oysters. Once at the beach you will have a close up of the elephant seal colony. Leaving the steppe behind, you will reach the coastline, with a view of this unusual geological formation, “El Pedral”, which is a 9 km long, 900 meters wide natural stone quarry coming into the ocean, with a depth of 8 meters. On the vehicle, you will access the southern end of this quarry, right where the cliffs begin. Penguins chose this particular place for a new rockery that is growing every year: an area nowadays protected and declared the “Punta Ninfas Wild Life Natural Refuge”. Between August and November, it is also possible to see whales coming close to the shore here. Then, in a beautiful area protected by cypresses and other native trees, you will have lunch before heading back to Puerto Madryn. Note: This program may vary according to weather conditions and location of fauna.

This is a very recent activity in our area and very interesting to do. There are few adventure tours, which are comparable to this: if you look to perform an activity related to nature conservation and in a frame of full contact with nature then do not think about it anymore! We will lead you tot the coast of Valdes Peninsula observing and interpretation of the area form a point of view that only a few have the privilege. From the sea and with our guides, you will be able to discover a world so fascinating that wants to be explored and understood. Duration: full day Distance: 20 Km. Aprox of rowing Difficulty: Low Zone: Valdez Peninsula (or to be arranged according to climate) Amount of passengers: Minimum 2pax / Maximum 8 pax per outing Season: All year, recommendable between May and December Included – English, Spanish and Italian speaking guides – Transfers in Special off Road vehicles to the embarkation area – Back up embarkation – Full sailing equipment: (kayak, rows, gloves, life jacket, etc) – Waterproof bags for clothing and equipment – Snacks. Lunch, (Box – Lunch) – Didactic material for activities – Entrance to the reservation – Entrance to private establishment

Schedule: September – February
Main attractions: 4×4 Overland vehicle, Whale watching tour (September – mid December) or Regular boat trip (mid-December –
February), San Lorenzo sheep farm, its Magellanic penguin rookery, elephant seals or sea lions depending on the time of year, and
steppe wildlife. Adventure 100%!
Estimated time: 12/13 hrs
Distance: 420 km total (200 km asphalt, 180 km gravel road, 40 km country tracks)
08.00 – Departure from Puerto Madryn
09.20 – Visitor Centre Carlos Ameghino
11.30 – San Lorenzo penguin rookery, special and exclusive trail “Penguis & more…”
14.00 – Time to lunch at ranch (optional)
15.00 – Departure for Punta Norte to observe elephant seals or sea lions depend the season
16.30 – Departure for Puerto Piramides
17.30 – Boat tour – Preparation for boarding
18.00 – Whale watching Sunset boat tour, or regular boat tour, depending on the time of year
20.00 – Disembark
21.00 – Arrival in Puerto Madryn

What is included in the tour
– Transfer on a 2015 Mercedes Benz Atego 1725 4WD vehicle
– Bilingual nature tour guide
– Visit and trek in the Magellanic penguin rookery at the San Lorenzo ranch “Penguins & more…”
– Visit Punta Norte to observe elephant seals or sea lions depend the season
– Whale watching Sunset boat tour or regular boat tour depending on the time of year

Entrance to wildlife reserve Peninsula Valdes not included
Lunch not included

What to take:
Waterproof jacket, comfortable clothes, warm clothing in September/ October, shorts, long pants, trekking shoes, sunglasses, cap and sun screen.

Activities duration
The scheduled timing is approximate and will greatly depend on weather conditions. Our priority will always be the passenger’s comfort, security and satisfaction.

Schedule: September – November (Mon, Wed and Fri)
Main attractions: 4×4 Overland vehicle, Mountain bike tour, visit to shing village, trekking, kayaking with marine wildlife, beach
lunch, drive along the coast of the Gulf San Jose or Gulf Nuevo, depending on weather conditions. Adventure 100%!
Estimated time: 8/9 hours
Distance: 220 km total (100 km asphalt, 100 km gravel road, 20 km country tracks)
08.00 – Departure from Puerto Madryn
09.00 – Arrival in Riacho San Jose (marine inlet in Gulf San Jose) & rst stage Mountain Bike tour for 10 people with guide.
09.30 – Fishing village and shellsh collectors. Visit and interpretation of this peculiar activity
10.30 – Departure for the Bird Island & second stage Mountain Bike tour for the other 10 people with guide
11.30 – Visitor Centre Carlos Ameghino
12.00 – Transfer to Playa Larralde and Villarino (Gulf San Jose)
12.30 – Kayaking with marine wildlife. Picnic lunch on the beach. Trek to sea lion rookery
17.00 – Transfer to Puerto Madryn passing by the beach areas El Doradillo & Las Canteras
18.30 – Arrival in Puerto Madryn
Entrance Ticket to Peninsula Valdes Protected Areas is not included.
Personal gear for activities is not included.
Helmet for mountain bike, life jacket for kayaking and gloves will be provided.
In case of bad weather in the San Jose Gulf, the location for these activities might be changed to the Nuevo Gulf.
If due to climate conditions kayaking has to be cancelled, it will be replaced by new mountain bike and trekking trails.
IMPORTANT: Passengers requiring a gluten-free or vegetarian diet should give notice at least 24 hours prior to tour begin. No
changes can be made on the day of the tour.

What is included in the tour
– Transfer on a 2015 Mercedes Benz Atego 1725 4WD vehicle
– Bilingual nature tour guide
– Mountain bike expert guide
– Sea-kayak expert guide
– All guides have a WFR certicate (Wilderness First Responder)
– Visit to shing settlements
– All activities described above
– Country lunch, including: Cold cuts and seafood starter, Pan-fried steak in bread, Layer cake dessert (Alfajor). Cereal bars, Mineral water + sugarless avored water. Afternoon Tea/Coee

Entrance to wildlife reserve Peninsula Valdes not included
Sunset whale watching tour not included

What to take
Waterproof jacket, comfortable clothes, warm clothing in September/October, shorts, long pants, trekking shoes,
small/middle-sized back-pack, extra set of clothes (full), towel, sun glasses, cap and sun screen.

Escorted all the way!
Passengers will be accompanied by expert bilingual tour guides at all times

Activities duration
The scheduled timing is approximate and will greatly depend on weather conditions. Our priority will always be the passenger’s comfort, security and satisfaction.

Due to the high physical demand of this tour, it is recommended only for people aged between 15 and 60, in good shape, as there will be a long trek (3 hours), a bike ride (1 hour) and a kayak tour (1 hour)

– Overweight people. Criteria applied: the values should not exceed the following scale,
height up to 1.70mts/5,60ft – weight 90 kg/154lbs;
height up to 1.80mts/5,90ft – weight 100 kg/220lbs;
height up to 1.90mts/6,20ft – weight 110 kg/243lbs.
– Pregnant women
– People with physical or mental disabilities aecting their concentration, movement and/or coordination
– People with heart conditions: central or peripheral disease, diminished heart or vascular capacity, users of stent/
pacemaker/other cardiac prosthesis, people medicated with anticoagulants, cardiac arrhythmia, people with varicose veins stage
III (multiple and thick)
– People with respiratory conditions (EPOC, asthma, emphysema, etc.)

(Español) Temporada: Operable desde mediados de Junio a principios de Octubre.
Principales atractivos: Avistaje costero de ballenas, trekking sin dicultad, playa El Doradillo y playa Las Canteras.
Almuerzo ligero con bebidas en la salida de las 11.00 hs, e infusiones y delicias dulces en la salida de las 16.30 hs.

Tiempo estimado: 4 hs.
Horarios de salida: 11:00 hs. / 16:30 hs.
Recorrido: 50 km (20 km por asfalto y 30 km por ripio).