This intense tour through the Argentinean Patagonia will allow us to know the country´s less inhabitated places but, at the same time, the region´s best landscape places. We will visit virtually virgin spots that you have never imagined.

Day 1 - Buenos Aires

Arrival at Buenos Aires Airport (Ezeiza – EZE). Transfer to the hotel Day ay leisure.

Day 2 - Buenos Aires

Breakfast. In the morning city tour in Buenos Aires. This tour gives you the emotion of a multiple Buenos Aires. We will visit the most characteristic places of the “Paris of America”. The Obelisk, Colon Theatre, Recoleta Cemetery, May square (surrounded by the cathedral, the Cabildo, and the pink house where the president works) are some of the highlights that we will include in the tour. We will also visit La Boca neighborhood which was seat of immigrants – mainly Italians – and now home of some artists; San Telmo, traditional neighborhood where Tango performances can be seen in many bars and restaurants;  the elegant Recoleta, and the most modern: Puerto Madero.
At night we suggest going to a Tango Show.

Day 3 - Buenos Aires

Breakfast. Day at leisure. We suggest: Gaucho Party excursion. In this tour we will find the gaucho´s county side life and the peaceful and kind town where he lives. That is why the argentine Pampa is part of our tradition.
The asado (barbecue), gaucho´s activities and abilities, dances, and folk games are some of the options to enjoy. Pampa is like this, gauchos, fields, traditions, crafts, a tour to learn and enjoy. This full day tour includes lunch.

Day 4 - Buenos Aires - Comodoro Rivadavia

Breakfast. Transfer to the airport for flight to Comodoro Rivadavia (CRD). Arrival in Comodoro Rivadavia airport. Visit to the Cerro Chenque viewpoint, the spectacular coast cliff shows the fishing harbor, the city and the coastline. Visit to Punta del Marques, a seal colony and sea-bird reserve.

Day 5 - Comodoro Rivadavia - Puerto Deseado

Breakfast. Transfer to Puerto Deseado. The first 80 km the road goes along the coast of San Jorge Gulf. Bays, gulfs and cliffs form a shore, which leads the traveler into Caleta Olivia, Santa Cruz Province. Later on, through the steppe we arrive in Puerto Deseado, a fishing port whose deep estuary was first explored by Magellan and Cavendish in 1520 and 1586. In the afternoon, on board on a Zodiac boat (semi rigid) we will observe different points at “Ria del Deseado”. This area is a wildlife Reserve where seals and dolphins are close to the coast. As well as seabirds like Imperial Cormorants, Magellan Penguin, Magellan oystercatcher and the rare Gray Cormorant. It is also possible to visit Los Pajaros island, a place where the Yellow Crested Penguin mate and nest every summer. Lodge at Hotel Los Acantilados. Dinner. Total: 270 km. (paved road)

Day 6 - Puerto Deseado - Los Antiguos

Breakfast. The journey today crosses Patagonia from the Atlantic Ocean to the Andes. Lunch at an authentic bar/restaurant Patagonico “El Pluma”, located nearby the great valley of Rio Deseado. In the afternoon visit to Lake Buenos Aires and the Cherry town of Los Antiguos. Then we take the mythical Route 40, the most extensive in the country (4600 km.). After passing Perito Moreno town, we arrive to Estancia Telken. Which is located on the foot of Meseta Buenos Aires. Lodge and dinner in the Estancia. Telken is an old Patagonian Estancia, settled in 1915 that breed sheep and horses. It is a tree lined and sheltered cozy place. Its owners, Petty and Coco Nauta, will be waiting us with a warm welcome. Distance: 600 km (paved road)

Day 7 - Estancia Telken

Breakfast.The adventure starts with a drive south along the Route 40. First, we visit the Cuevas de las Manos. There is a narrow path from the ranger’s house parallel to the river to access to the different shelters and caves. According to experts, the splendid cave paintings belong to at least three different periods of styles on this archeological site, from 7300 B.C. to 1000 A.C. Motives are easy to recognize depending on different techniques and colors. After a nutritious box Lunch drive towards the National Park Perito Moreno, one of the further places of Ruta 40 and less visited areas.
The Park protects the fauna and flora patagonica as well as a chain of lakes and rivers. It is remarkable on the park, the quantity of guanacos (lama guanicoe).  Lodge and dinner at Estancia La Oriental. Home cooked meals are shared with the owners and other guests.
Distance: 390 km (gravel road)

Day 8 - Perito Moreno National Park (Estancia La Oriental)

Breakfast. An exciting full day wildlife safari through the Park. We go deep into the park’s wilderness. You can easily observe guanacos, choiques (rhea americana), red and gray fox, patagonian hare, flamingos, Magellan Geese, Condors, though puma (felis concolor) and huemul (American deer) are very difficult to see. The sightseeing presents the Cordillera de los Andes and a complex lake system that includes Lake Belgrano, Azara, Burmeister, and Lake Nansen. Visit to the Belgrano Peninsula, where we learn about Guanacos lives behavior, there are hundreds of them hanging around the hilly peninsula.
In the afternoon we drive up to Milky River, the river that brings glacier sediments from the San Lorenzo Mount (3740 m.) For trekkers: Cerro Leon and Condorera trail.
Lodge and Dinner at Estancia La Oriental. Distance: 70 km (gravel road)

Day 9 - Perito Moreno National Park

Breakfast. Transfer to Estancia La Maipu. The journey crosses the Patagonian vastness, interrupted only by the lonely Lago Cardiel. The big sky and the infinitive horizon can stimulate the appreciation of the area. Lunch at Estancia La Siberia, roasted lamb is their specialty. On the road there are great opportunities to observe diverse land mammals like Guanacos, hares, red and gray foxes, armadillos and skunks. Birds of prey like falcons or eagles. Estancia La Maipu stands on the imposing Andes Range, on the shores of the turquoise waters of Lake San Martin.  Distance: 430 km (gravel road)

Day 10 - Estancia La Maipu (San Martín Lake)

Breakfast. At the Estancia, which has been run by the Leyenda family for half a century, it is possible to take walks through woods of local species (Nothofagus subantartica), share in the ranch work, go horseback riding or visit its own museum of Patagonia’s first settlers. Trekking to Vega de la Medialuna, Laguna Talca and Condorera. Great natural viewpoints of San Martin Lake, the Peninsula Avellaneda and the ranch headquarters.  Lodge and dinner at Estancia La Maipu.  Distance: 30 Km. (gravel road)

Day 11 - Estancia La Maipu

Breakfast. Transfer to El Chalten. Arrival at “the National Capital of Trekking”. Transfer to the hotel. Afternoon at leisure.

Day 12 - El Chaltén

Breakfast. Day at leisure. We suggest doing trekking to Fitz Roy Mount base.

Day 13 - Chalten - Glaciar Perito Moreno

Breakfast. Drive to El Calafate, on the coast of Lago Argentino. From the road we observe the great Viedma Lake and its Glacier that comes from the continental snow fields. Afternoon at leisure.

Day 14 - Calafate

Breakfast. Full day tour to Perito Moreno Glacier. We will drive 80km next to Argentino Lake until we reach Los Glaciares National park. It is incredible how different it is the vegetation next to Andes. We will drive following Brazo Rico (arm of Argentino Lake) till we arrive to the whisper turn, there we will find the amazing Perito Moreno Glacier.
We will park in the footbridge area where we will admire the Perito Moreno Glacier and witness the fall of ice blocks from a close distance. At the beginning of the footbridge area, the guide will give us a brief explanation and show the way. Before reaching the first balcony, you will observe the plate with the statement of World Heritage of Mankind, granted by the UNESCO in 1981; and farther on, two informative stands about glacier processes and the formation of the Perito Moreno in particular.
Every viewpoint offers a new perspective. From the entrance of the footbridge area, there is a distance of 400 meters to the lowest balcony, the closest to the front of the glacier. The intermediate balcony is the best place to appreciate the northern area of the glacier with a good sight of the Canal de los Témpanos and towards the left of this viewpoint is the second balcony, right opposite the glacier.
Even if the largest glaciers in the Park are the Viedma and the Upsala, the Perito Moreno is a large sized glacier located only 200 meters over sea level, which enables to reach its very front easily, not like the other glaciers, which can only be accessed sailing for a while.

Day 15 - Calafate

Breakfast. Full day Navigation All Glaciers. Another extraordinary excursion recommended in El Calafate is the navigation to the northern arm of the Lake Argentino. In this excursion we will watch the amazing Upsala glacier, which is the biggest glacier of the south area of the National Park. Also we will se the Spegazzini Glacier that has the highest wall of the park, 135 meters and the Onellis Glacier. Plenty of icebergs will be moving around the catamaran during the whole tour.

Day 16 - Calafate - Buenos Aires

Breakfast. Transfer to the airport. Flight to Buenos Aires. Arrival and transfer to the hotel.

Day 17 - Buenos Aires

Breakfast. Transfer to Ezeiza International Airport.