This tour will give you the chance to visit Argentina´s most beautiful places, being able to enjoy its different landscapes. We will first know Buenos Aires, a must for every tourist. This is considered one of Latin America´s and the world´s most beautiful cities, also known as “the city of the Tango”. We will then head to the south of the country, towards  Santa Cruz province, where we will know its three most important sites. We will visit Cabo Vírgenes, located in Argentina´s southernmost end, discovered by Hernando de Magallanes on Octuber 21st.1520, a place with a matchless history and natural beauty. We will then head towards El Calafate, an area which is surrounded by forest and mountains, undoubtedly one of Argentina´s most beautiful and touristic places due to the presence of touristic great importance spots  such as Perito MorenoGlacier (one of the world´s most important glaciers, considered the 8th. Wonder for the spectacular sights it offers). Last but not least we will visit El Chaltén, a city located at the south of the Andes range, where the mountain landscape works as a natural environment for the tourist to practice sports such as trekking(El Chaltén is this sport world´s capital), mountaineering, rafting, horse riding, tours, sport fishing and much more, being a must the walks around the amazing granite needles which surround the town. Do not miss this experience of knowing the true Patagonia!

Day 1 - Buenos Aires

Arrival at Buenos Aires Airport (Ezeiza – EZE). Transfer to the hotel Day ay leisure.

Day 2 - Buenos Aires

Breakfast. In the morning city tour in Buenos Aires. This tour gives you the emotion of a multiple Buenos Aires. We will visit the most characteristic places of the “Paris of America”. The Obelisk, Colon Theatre, Recoleta Cemetery, May square (surrounded by the cathedral, the Cabildo, and the pink house where the president works) are some of the highlights that we will include in the tour. We will also visit La Boca neighborhood which was seat of immigrants – mainly Italians – and now home of some artists; San Telmo, traditional neighborhood where Tango performances can be seen in many bars and restaurants;  the elegant Recoleta, and the most modern: Puerto Madero.
At night we suggest going to a Tango Show.

Day 3 - Buenos Aires

Breakfast. Day at leisure. We suggest: Gaucho Party excursion. In this tour we will find the gaucho´s county side life and the peaceful and kind town where he lives. That is why the argentine Pampa is part of our tradition.
The asado (barbecue), gaucho´s activities and abilities, dances, and folk games are some of the options to enjoy. Pampa is like this, gauchos, fields, traditions, crafts, a tour to learn and enjoy. This full day tour includes lunch.

Day 4 - Buenos Aires - Rio Gallegos - Cabo Ví­rgenes

Breakfast. Transfer to the airport for flight to Rio Gallegos. Arrival and drive for 120km to Estancia Monte Dinero. We will stay for 3 nights in this last point of the continent in Patagonia. Located in the last confines of the American continent, estancia Monte Dinero opens its gates to offer an excellent proposal to enjoy agricultural tourism.
Sheep husbandry is the main production at this venue, which occupies 26 thousand hectares. For over a century, five generations of the Fenton Family has run the estancia, which offers visitors the possibility of witnessing rural tasks such as sheep shearing, branding, wool classification, driving herds and artificial insemination. All this has caused the venue to be considered as a model by local government entities.
Guests stay at “La Casa Grande”, a warm and cozy construction dating back from one century ago which combines period furniture and elements of modern comfort, as well as a perceptive customized assistance.
In the surroundings of the shell, guests may visit the penguin colony and Cabo Vírgenes Lighthouse, go for a walk to the place known as “Monte Dinero” (Money hill) –its name derives from the gold that could be found on its shores– or enjoy pleasant moments at the coffee-shop called “Al fin y al cabo”.
There are few places in the world that may become a refuge for the soul; Monte Dinero is one of them.

Day 5 - Cabo Ví­rgenes

Breakfast. Day at leisure ar Monte Dinero Ranch. We suggest visiting the Cape Virgin penguin colony.

Day 6 - Cabo Vírgenes

Breakfast. Day at leisure at Monte Dinero Ranch. We suggest watching farms daily activities such as: shearing, lamb marking, wool and sheep classing, gathering, etc

Day 6 - Cabo Ví­rgenes - Rio Gallegos - Calafate

Breakfast. We will leave Monte Dinero Ranch towards  Rio Gallegos. Bus from Rio Gallegos to Calafate. Arrival and transfer to the hotel.

Day 8 - Calafate

Breakfast. Full day tour to Perito Moreno Glacier. We will drive 80km next to Argentino Lake until we reach Los Glaciares National park. It is incredible how different it is the vegetation next to Andes. We will drive following Brazo Rico (arm of Argentino Lake) till we arrive to the whisper turn, there we will find the amazing Perito Moreno Glacier.
We will park in the footbridge area where we will admire the Perito Moreno Glacier and witness the fall of ice blocks from a close distance. At the beginning of the footbridge area, the guide will give us a brief explanation and show the way. Before reaching the first balcony, you will observe the plate with the statement of World Heritage of Mankind, granted by the UNESCO in 1981; and farther on, two informative stands about glacier processes and the formation of the Perito Moreno in particular.
Every viewpoint offers a new perspective. From the entrance of the footbridge area, there is a distance of 400 meters to the lowest balcony, the closest to the front of the glacier. The intermediate balcony is the best place to appreciate the northern area of the glacier with a good sight of the Canal de los Témpanos and towards the left of this viewpoint is the second balcony, right opposite the glacier.
Even if the largest glaciers in the Park are the Viedma and the Upsala, the Perito Moreno is a large sized glacier located only 200 meters over sea level, which enables to reach its very front easily, not like the other glaciers, which can only be accessed sailing for a while.


Day 9 - Calafate

Breakfast. Day at leisure. We suggest Tour Navigation All Glaciers. Another extraordinary excursion recommended in El Calafate is the navigation to the northern arm of the Lake Argentino. In this excursion we will watch the amazing Upsala glacier that is the biggest glacier of the south area of the National Park. Also we will se the Spegazzini Glacier that has the highest wall of the park, 135 meters and the Onellis Glacier. Plenty of icebergs will be moving around the catamaran during the whole tour.

Day 10 - Calafate - El Chaltén

Breakfast. Transfer to the bus station. Bus to El Chalten “the National Capital of Trekking”. Arrival and transfer to the hotel.

Day 11 - El Chaltén

Breakfast. Day at leisure. We suggest doing trekking to Fitz Roy Mount base.

Day 12 - El Chaltén

Breakfast. Day at leisure. We suggest doing ViedmaIce Trekking.We arrive to the rocky ridge next to the Viedma Glacier. We get to the edge of the glacier and begin a 2 hs 30’ trek on the ice, reaching crevasses and caves. This is recommended for travelers in a good physical condition.

Day 13 - El Chaltén - Buenos Aires

Breakfast. Transfer to the airport for flight to Buenos Aires. Arrival and transfer to the hotel. Afternoon at leisure.

Day 14 - Buenos Aires

Transfer to Ezeiza International Airport (EZE) for International flight.